Your Curriculum Implementation Support Group

Have you ever been excited to try a new curriculum or software but quickly get stuck? Or lack the time to implement it fully?

Curriculum CoPilot provides monthly workshops, resources, and email support to ensure you’re setup for success throughout the school year.

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Member Benefits

By enrolling in Curriculum CoPilot, you’ll receiving the following member benefits: 

  • Monthly 1-hour PD sessions over Zoom with specialized F-Flat certified mentors throughout the school year
  • A resource package for Ukulele and Guitar including full curricula, lesson plans, and rubric templates
  • Access to exclusive PD support group with other like-minded educators
  • 50% off the Moosiko learning platform
  • Full access to all F-flat Books professional development resources
  • Weekly email support for implementation, strategy, and tech support

Curriculum CoPilot Schedule

September: Building Positive Classroom Culture and Routines

Developing class routines, introducing instruments, using technology to support learning routines.

Wednesday 9/27 7PM ET Register Here

October: Student-Driven Curricula

Creating student-centered cultures, using tools for student choice, and creating goals with flexible repertoire.

Wednesday 10/25 7PM ET

November: Authentic Assessment

Using assessment tools, building better rubrics, and engaging in peer and self-assessment for all ages.

Wednesday 11/15 7PM ET

December: Spotlight on Technique: Strumming

Strumming patterns and sequenced instruction, tips for using a pick in the classroom, and strumming songs.

January: Spotlight on Technique: Fretting

Agility exercises for all ages, chord transition techniques, advanced chord practices and strategies for using Bar chords.

February: Creativity in the Classroom

Improvising on a fretted instrument, group creativity, introductory songwriting practices for group settings.

March: Culminating Experiences

Project creation and implementation, Non-traditional Informance and Performance opportunities, and Advocacy through Performance.

April: Using Data to Guide Instruction

Analyzing data tools and skills, Creating plans based on data, using data as a tool for advocacy and retention.

May: Reflect and Plan

Self-reflection on teaching practices, Support and collaboration for problem-solving, and goal-setting for the next school year and beyond.


Features Member Non-Member Custom to
Packaged price for individuals to access to all benefits A-la-carte for individuals that want to attend a few specific workshops For districts that want a customized PD program. Min of 5 teachers.
9 1-hr PD Workshops
Curriculum Resource Package
Access to Support Group
50% off Moosiko
F-Flat PD Resources
Weekly Email Support
$1.8k / school year $300 / workshop Contact

Payments can be made via credit card or PO. Email with questions.

About Us

Sarah Gulish

Sarah Gulish has spent her career empowering people to connect with their creativity and community. Her experience includes fifteen years of public school teaching, work as a researcher/published author, recording, and touring rock musician. She is passionate about music teaching and learning and finding ways to challenge norms in music education to create more equitable and inclusive spaces.

Dan (1)

Dan Mascola

Dan Mascola is the founder and CEO of Moosiko, a K12 music edtech platform used in over 300 districts by more than 12k students. Dan taught beginner musician’s privately for 5 years while building Moosiko, blending his love for music, teaching, and technology into one platform. Dan’s mission is to make music more accessible to everyone by helping engage students with music they love while supporting teachers with time saving and assessment tools. 


How is Curriculum CoPilot unique? 

This is the only professional development program run by resource companies that is tailored to suit the needs of music educators through regular curricula and support. 

Can I sign up as an individual teacher? 

Yes! While many of our clients are school districts with multiple teachers, we do have a general cohort for individual teachers. This is a great way to connect with other music educators, receive support, and not feel like you’re “on an island” as a teacher.

What time does the general cohort meet monthly? 

Details will be sent to our general cohort members in August 2023 with options for meeting times and topics.

Do I need to teach both guitar and ukulele to be part of the program? 

We welcome teachers in all types of teaching situations and levels for this program. Whether you teach general music and incorporate ukulele or run a full-fledged modern band program, we have resources and support for you.

What is Moosiko? 

Moosiko is a web-based music edtech platform for K12 and collegiate guitar, ukulele, modern band, and songwriting programs. Used by 320 school districts supporting more than 12k students, Moosiko boosts student engagement with hundreds of fun, relevant songs and saves time for teachers with skill tracking and assessment features. Their songwriting builder makes it fun and easy for beginners to create, record, and collaborate on new songs. Signup for a free teacher account here or email with further questions.

What PD does F-flat Books offer? 

As part of your Curriculum CoPilot subscription, you will also receive a login to the F-flat Books LEARN website so you can access dozens of PD sessions from creators around the globe! Learn more here.

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